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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


tris mccall

stick with *brooklynati*. the production is sweet and it's a grower. also a very good record for house parties.

i have also been spinning *travel properly* by tampa rapper rahim samad and this new record by scripts 'n' screwz from east st. louis. and some very local stuff that isn't all that good, but i like it because it's very local. i am all about the underground hip-hop so far in '09. that is probably because there hasn't been any high-profile rap record released yet. i can't count cam'ron. i keep ..almost.. buying the gorilla zoe album and/or the rick ross album, but i just can't plunk down $15.99 for those. i'll wait for tunes to get used copies in.


Don't you worry. I am not anti-*Brooklynati* at all; I just listened to it (and enjoyed it) this morning. I just wish maybe that it wasn't such a good house-party record.

The Officer Rawse album is surprisingly good -- top-shelf commercial production and lots of entertaining guest shots -- but, you know, it's still Rick Ross. He's still fundamentally a buffoon. Zoe is way more charming, but too much of that record tries and fails to recapture the "Lost" vibe.

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